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Rose River Memorial Ojai April 22 Earth Day

April 22th , 2021 
The installation was placed outdoors at the Ojai Retreat as part of the EARTH DAY celebration in partnership with Flourish Ojai, Ojai Arts Commission, Ojai Retreat, Porch Gallery and Building Bridges Art Exchange between April 22th and April 25th. 

Rose River Memorial is honors the VENTURA COUNTY deaths Building Bridges Art Exchange is partnering with all the Centers and Gallery in Ojai to make this healing community project possible, also partnering with the Ojai City Commission to make it possible.

“For this Ventura memorial, our goal is to include as many locally handmade roses as possible, to deeply engage the community with this act of collective grief,” said Rose River memorial creator Marcos Lutyens. “Volunteers who make roses tell us that it brings them great comfort and peace in these difficult days. Family members who are grieving are comforted by this idea of strangers recognizing and remembering the enormity of this pandemic in such a beautiful way.”

Building Bridges Art Exchange and Rose River Memorial partnered with the Ojai Community, Flourish Center, Ojai Arts Commission, Ojai Retreat and Porch Gallery.

“At Building Bridges we feel very honored to have the possibility to bring Rose River Installation to the OJAI RETREAT CULTURAL CENTER and have a collective grieving for the community of Ojai” said Marisa Caichiolo, Founder and Director of Building Bridges Art Exchange. “Currently as a product of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world population is experiencing a series of losses at different levels that has caused a collective sadness, grieving is needed and will have to be processed little by little as soon as this confinement ends. The installation will be a sacred space where people can connect with their own feelings and senses to experience their own grieving, individually or in a collective way." 

Thanks to the Kiwanis for their help and support.

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