Visualization of the finished installation in the countryside


The Rose River Memorial is lead by Artist Marcos Lutyens  

The project was initiated in August 2020 with Dr. Tilly Hinton

And includes the collaboration of many key contributors and supporters including:
Marisa Caichiolo, Petra Eiko, Mary 'Happy' Price, Kristin Urquiza, Cynthia Campoy Brophy, Yi-Ping Hou, Robin Hanna, Tracy Hull, Angela Kender, Anna Newcome, Jennifer and Bettina Gonzales, Stuart Perkins, Jill Bernshouse, Edith Romero, Julia Johnston, Yuval Ron, Tim Garcia, Keri Meyer, Claudia Huiza, Endy Trece, Cassandra Coblenz, Mary Anne Kessler, Marvella Muro, Jasper Lutyens, Tina Calderon, Michelene Cherie, Brad Wolfe, Kuna Gordean Bailey, Carolyn Freyer-Jones, and many, many more! 
As well as friends at the Orange County Museum of Art,  Building Bridges Art Exchange, Ojai Retreat, Hui No'eau, Christ Cathedral, Self Help Graphics, City of Santa Monica, Heartfelt Foundation, The Friday Minute, LACDA, Create Protest, The Awesome Foundation, Burbank Tournament of Roses, Ep[iscopal School of Los Angeles, Ocean Charter School, Kiwanis, Girl Scouts of America, Elysian Valley Arts Collective, LA Breakfast Club, Orange County Autism.