It will take a nation to create this artwork.

Rose River is being created - rose by rose - by you and all of your fellow rose makers.

The Rose River Memorial project began in August 2020 as the inspiration of artist Marcos Lutyens in collaboration with scholar and cultural producer Tilly Hinton, PhD. who was co-founder and a startup catalyst for the project. The red felt rose design was tested and refined by Allison Saunders. The project is powered by a small team of volunteers, and made possible by the support of many organizations and individuals. Extra special support has come from Marisa Caichiolo and Petra Eiko of Building Bridges Art Exchange as well as Claudia Huiza who was an original launch ambassador but who has supported the project ceaselessly.

About Marcos Lutyens

is an internationally renowned installation artist whose work has featured Miró Foundation, the Frye Museum, the Guggenheim, MoMA, LACMA, the Royal Academy of Arts, the National Art Museum of China, the Pompidou in Paris, as well as biennales in Liverpool, Istanbul, Havana, and Venice. His artistic practice also targets the psychic and emotional well-being of audiences by inviting participants into meditative experiences that affect the deepest levels of their psyche.

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